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Enjoy Low Fat Snacks

Enjoy Low Fat Snacks It is undeniable that most of us love to snack, and in most cases these snacks are fattening! Snacks such as French fries, ice cream and other junk foods can lead to health problems and obesity. If you are eating these foods too often that could …

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Barley Greens for Total Cleansing

Barley Greens for Total Cleansing Barley has been cultivated since 7000 BC and has long been known for its nutritional and medicinal value. Green barley is found in various forms, such as a powder or juice. You may use barley as daily supplement, because it is loaded with vitamins and …

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Cleansing with a Raw Diet

Cleansing with a Raw Diet There are a number raw food diet plans. In general, these diets are plant-based, and consist of no less than 75% raw foods. Actually, raw foods contain enzymes that are believed to be removed all through the cooking process. A raw food diet is usually …

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