Organic Baby Blankets – The Best for Your New Baby

Organic Baby Blankets – The Best for Your New Baby

When you are expecting a baby, you will want nothing but the best for him or her. Most newt moms and dads want nothing but superior, name brand diapers as well as the top of the line baby clothes. While this is okay for parents who are expecting their first, when there is more than one child in the home, choices are limited by a smaller budget. Fortunately if you buy good quality clothing and bedding for your first baby then you should hopefully be able to use much of it again if you have a second or third.

One way of saving money (and the planet) is reusing and recycling, so the more use you get out of what you buy then the better all round. Many of the clothes that our first boy wore were handed down by friends and family. We handed a lot on to other friends when they had their first boy too – only to discover that our second child was also going to be a boy. Using things four times seemed a bit much so we did end up having to buy a bit new. But it seemed to me that the more the clothes and blankets were used, the more filled with love they became.

Go Organic

If you want to put the best diapers and clothes on your baby, why would you settle for inferior bedding? Completely organic baby blankets are a great idea for baby boys and baby girls, especially for baby shower gifts.


Organic baby blankets and bedding can either be placed in the crib or used to swaddle a newborn, depending upon the blanket’s size. However, most people do not want to purchase a baby blanket that can only be used for the first couple of months only to have the baby to outgrow it. Larger sizes are ideal for not only swaddling, but also covering a crib, car seat, or older baby.

Colors, Patterns, and Prints

When purchasing organic baby blankets you should not feel oblidged to choose a color or pattern that is specific to the gender of the child if you are planning on having more. That way you can happily use things again That said I suppose you can go wild with whatever combination of colors works for you. Thankfully, you can buy organic baby blankets in just about any color, all with varying prints. A lot of expectant parents want to use themes in their nurseries and for this reason, baby blankets are available in different character themes too.

If you are purchasing organic baby blankets as a gift for someone and you do not know the gender of the baby-to-be, you will need to make sure that you purchase a print and color that is neutral. If the person that you are purchasing the gift for happens to end up with two of the same blanket or prefers a different style, they can always exchange the blanket.

Chemical-Free Cotton

The organic baby blankets of today are made from cotton that is chemical free and has been untreated by pesticides. This is excellent for couples who are keen on being “green.” Green products are the hot, new trend that people look for when purchasing products, causing more and more companies to get on the bandwagon by producing environmentally friendly clothing and bedding.

And of course, most people want to do whatever they can to extend the length of the quality of life for those on this planet. This is why environmentally aware people will purchase items that tend to last longer and do not negatively impact the earth. While the majority of people only make small changes in their daily lives, others go above and beyond by purchasing items that have been cared for a certain manner that is not detrimental to the environment. This is why organic baby blankets make wonderful gifts; they are good for the earth and comfortable to snuggle up against. The style and feel of these blankets exceed most shoppers’ expectations.

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