Things to Think About When Getting Baby Sunscreen

Things to Think About When Getting Baby Sunscreen

Have you ever thought about the effects of the sun on your skin? Day in and day out, we expose ourselves to its shining rays, never thinking about how harmful those rays can be to our skin. We see the horror stories in the news every summer, about how not using sunblock can cause severe damage to our skin and possibly give us cancer. Now ask yourself this question: If the sun can do that to your skin, then how much more at risk is your baby’s delicate skin? Unlike adult skin that has become hardened over the years from sun abuse, a baby’s skin is fragile, unable to stand long instances in the sun. Most parents do not know that it takes only five minutes in the sun for a child’s skin to start burning.

So now that you know how harmful the sun can be to your baby’s skin, ask yourself this question: What am I going to do about it? Of course, you are going to by sunscreen, but what brand and type. Do you know what chemicals sunscreen has in it? These chemicals could possible damage your baby’s skin, which is why we recommend an organic solution that contains nothing that will expose your child to the risk that conventional products present.

Organic sunscreen has been around for years. Ancient Egyptians would use herbs and succulent leaves, crush them up, and apply them to the skin to keep from burning in the hot desert sun. It is only in modern times though, with the advent of medical science, that we see how absorbent the skin truly is. You do not want chemicals with names you cannot even pronounce applied to your child’s fragile skin, especially when the risk to later growth from this exposure is not known. With natural sunscreen, you do not run that risk at all because all the ingredients are from animal or plant resources and do not have any artificial chemicals in the product.

You can rest at ease knowing that the sunscreen you are putting on your baby is made from wholesome ingredients like oat mill and aloe vera. These organic products are just as effective in blocking the sun as their chemical counterparts, but do so through a natural process of lubricating and protecting their skin so that it keeps unhealthy UVA and UVB rays from being absorbed.

The great thing about these products is that, unlike in past, they are very easy to find. Your local supermarket or chain store will no doubt have them in stock because of the recent medical discoveries of just how effective natural solutions are when compared to unnatural brands. To know that you are not only protecting your child from harmful chemical ingredients but that you are actually making their skin healthier in the process is a great experience. With the prices of organic alternatives falling because of their rising popularity, you can keep your child safe while protecting your budget.

We hope that this article has been helpful in your quest to seek knowledge about alternative organic products and organic baby sunscreen. We truly believe that using all-natural ingredients is preferable and should be used whenever they can.

Please feel free to do your own research; we encourage you to seek out knowledge for yourself so that you may be a more educated and wiser consumer.

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