Organic Body Lotion: A Wide Range of Choices

Organic Body Lotion: A Wide Range of Choices

These days, more people are becoming more aware of the things we eat and use for our body. A lot of food you find in the market, grocery store and restaurants contain pesticides, growth hormones and herbicides. More health conscious people are choosing organic food today. Not only do they want to eat or drink healthy food, they are also starting to be more particular about cosmetics too.

Traditional body lotions and creams contain chemicals than can be toxic for our body. Using these products long term can eventually have negative effects on us. So, many consumers are now shifting to organic body lotion. Manufacturers have become aware of this trend and are producing special product lines focused on this market.

Not all organic products are created equal though. When you see the word “organic” on a label, it doesn’t necessarily mean it is 100% organic and natural. Some may contain all-organic raw materials but others only contain 90% or 75% organic ingredients.

Aside from organic body lotion, there is also what is called “green products” which could mean the products are environment friendly, biodegradable and practice cruelty-free methods to manufacture them. Painful and cruel animal testing used to be standard procedure for research on cosmetic products.

Another factor that’s becoming more popular is the ability of manufacturers to sustain agriculture while harvesting raw materials. For example, if you need certain plants to create a product, it is expected that the company will replant or sustain the continuous proliferation of that certain species. This is similar to replanting trees after they are harvested for wood.

Going back to organic body lotion, these all natural products should not contain chemicals like paraben, preservatives, propylene glycol, and sodium laureth sulfate. These are the common chemicals mixed in with traditional body lotions and creams. Cosmetics are not regulated like food products and manufacturers can usually add in almost anything to their products.

Parabens are common chemicals used to preserve cosmetics. And we all know that artificial preservatives can harm your body. Propylene glycol is a carrier of oil scents but is also used to kill ground beetles and as automotive anti-freeze. Sodium laureth sulfate hastens the absorption of lotion on the skin. It is used in detergents as a foaming agent and is known to cause skin and eye irritation. It has also been found to cause cancer and hair loss from long term use.

Organic body lotion doesn’t usually contain these harmful additives. Check the ingredients on the label. The more organic the product is the better because they will contain less harmful ingredients. 100% organic cosmetics are of course healthier than 75% organic products. Organic body lotion made from food-grade organic ingredients is even safe enough to be eaten. These are the products that contain scents and ingredients from food, herbs, spices and flowers.

It is also a good idea to buy organic body lotion from reputable manufacturers rather than cosmetic companies that are unheard of. They may be cheaper but can also be deceitfully loaded with synthetic chemicals. Some organic body lotion may be more expensive than conventional creams and lotions but the prices of organic food and cosmetics are becoming more competitive every year.

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