Natural Cosmetics Are Better for You and the Planet

Natural Cosmetics Are Better for You and the Planet

Many people are finding more ways to live an eco friendly lifestyle. One easy switch to make is to change to using natural cosmetics. Organic cosmetics have many benefits to those who have sensitive skin and allergies as well as those who feel they would benefit from selections that use natural ingredients. For instance, one can find many options that are free of carmine, fragrance and gluten. There are also low fragrance options that are mostly organic. Vegans have their own options with cosmetics that have no beeswax, carmine, honey, milk or silk.

Green cosmetics usually feature no animal testing, artificial colors, ethanols, non-living mammals, parabens, solvents, sulphates or synthetic chemicals. Not only can such selections be better for the skin, but they also cause no unnecessary harm to the environment. One can find many natural beauty and health care options from a few brands such as Burts Bees, Colour ID Cosmetics’ Colour ID mineral makeup, Jason Naturals, Lavera and Lavere, Luxury Cosmetics’ Luxury mineral makeup, Origins, Pangea Organics and Raesin Images.

For sensitive skin

Those who have sensitive skin or are very susceptible to afflictions of the skin may especially benefit from organic facial products. Many of these types of selections use extra mild formulas so that they do not irritate the skin. They do not use the synthetic preservatives, mineral oils and other ingredients that are contaminated and highly processed with chemicals. These ingredients eventually end up doing damage to the skin. Organic facial products such as face cream or organic body lotion are more conducive to healing, nurturing and rejuvenating the skin.

Using green cosmetics is quickly becoming a trend in the health and beauty world, so it is becoming even easier to find these options. Incorporating natural cosmetics into ones everyday health and beauty regimen is one of the easiest roads to a more eco friendly lifestyle. One can find lots of information about personal care with organic products and find out where such selections are available. However, it is important to find certified products to make sure they use natural ingredients.

The benefits of healthier skin as well as a minimal impact on the environment are two great reasons to consider cosmetic products made of mostly or all natural ingredients. One should still follow certain rules of thumb when using them such as not sharing with friends, knowing when to throw out old products and realizing less is more. Looking after the environment does not mean one has to sacrifice health and beauty.

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