Where to Buy Organic Tanning Lotion – If You Really Must

Where to Buy Organic Tanning Lotion – If You Really Must

Many people these days are worried about the amount of chemicals that seem to be in just about everything. Lotion is usually made up of a variety of synthetic products, which may damage your skin or cause other health problems over time. Companies that sell these products claim that they are safe, but the fact is, there is no way for anyone to know all the possible long range health effects. It is almost impossible to link conditions that develop gradually, over a lifetime, to any one specific product. But, just because no direct link can be shown, it does not mean that certain products have absolutely no bad health effects on a person.

Because products like lotion can potentially be harmful to your health, many people now choose to use organic tanning lotion. The website www.tanninglotionsale.com has a variety of organic products in its inventory. One tanning lotion it sells is called Devoted Creations Verde. It can help a person to get a dark tan, and contains all natural ingredients. It has a base made of organic aloe leaf juice. It also contains organic sunflower oil, organic hemp seed oil, and organic Shea butter oil. Another product offered on the website is Bronzology Ultra Dark Tan Maximizer. This tan maximizer is made from organic plant extracts and is made of 95% natural ingredients.

When looking for an organic self tanner, www.lavera.com is a good website to visit. This company offers several sunless tanning products, all of which contain only Certified Organic ingredients. The two ingredients they use that produce a tanned look on a person’s skin are Dihydroxyactone (DHA), which is derived from vegetables, and Erythrulose, a natural sugar. When these two ingredients combine, they cause a reaction with the amino acids in the skin, producing a brown pigment. Lavera puts these ingredients into Glow and Go Gradual Self Tanning Spray, Faces Summer Glow, and Self Tanner Sunless Tanning Lotion. Lavera also makes organic sunscreen, which is a Certified Natural Cosmetic, made from 100% natural minerals. It is available in an SPF of 15 to 20 and is waterproof.

Organic lotions and sunscreens are better for a person’s health and also contribute to less environmental pollution. One thing to remember, though, when purchasing any product that claims to be organic, is to look at the list of ingredients and the fine print to determine how organic it really is. Some products that claim to be organic only contain a few organic ingredients. When it comes to organic lotion products, as far as function goes, they seem to be comparable to products with synthetic ingredients. The advantage is, they are probably not so bad for you.

Don’t forget the most natural method of all – spend a safe amount of time in the sun so that you don’t burn but get enough sunshine to produce a beautiful 100% natural tan. What’s more, you will even make your own Vitamin D and it won’t cost you a penny.

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