Where To Buy Organic Bath Products

Where To Buy Organic Bath Products

With an increasing amount of chemicals showing up in our food and personal beauty products, it is no wonder more and more people are turning to organic bath products, organic lotion and other natural body products than ever before. You may be able to find some products at regular big box stores, but be wary of many products claiming to be organic, but are actually only partially made from some organic ingredients or not certified. Here are a few places to buy organic bath products.

Organic Bath & Body

At organicbathbody.com, they sell some of the finest organic bath products available. They use only organic and natural ingredients such as essential oils, natural seed oils and botanical extracts. Whether you want a French green clay face masque to detoxify and tone the face or their Acne & Razor Bump formula to help with acne, razor bumps, ingrown hair or other skin irritations, Organic Bath & Body is sure to have what you need.

Skinny, Skinny

Skinnyskinny.com offers a wide range of eco-friendly and truly organic bath products and organic creams. Their products are all vegan and cruelty-free as well. Their line includes body scrubs, lip balms, body oils, body butters and organic lotions. Each product is nutrient-rich and made from the best organic ingredients like essential oils, extra virgin olive oil, unrefined Shea butter and other butters as well as many other pure organic ingredients.

Burt’s Bees

Burt’s Bees has enjoyed an increase in popularity now that their products can be found in places like Rite-Aid, CVS, Wal-Greens, Wal-Mart, Kmart and more. The Burt’s Bees line offers many products for the bath and body such as shampoo, conditioner, organic body lotion, bath soaps, body soaps, therapeutic bath crystals and bubble bath just for baby. Purists should be aware that many of Burt’s Bees products are not always purely organic. Many products will display their exact percentage on the side of the product denoting how organic it truly is. Many products are 96.9% organic or higher.

Aubrey Organics

Aubrey Organics may be a brand many individuals are familiar with if they have shopped for organic bath products before. Aubrey Hampton mixed his first organic bath lotion in 1967 and has continued on making many more pure organic bath products. You can find anything from organic lotion, organic face creams hair care, skin care, bath emulsions, liquid soaps, bar soaps, shaving creams and so much more. Aubrey Organics is carried on many organic and natural body product online sites, Amazon and Whole Foods Markets as well.

Kiss My Face

Kiss My Face offers natural skin care, natural body care and natural hair care products. With ingredients like essential oils, natural plant and botanical extracts, unrefined Shea butter and other renewable sources that are used for organic face care, their products provide you with hair, skin and body care that is effective while still safe for you and the environment, and without all the harmful and synthetic chemicals. Kiss My Face products can be found at many health and natural food stores as well as at kissmyfacewebstore.com and many other online vitamin and natural sites. You will also find a wide ranger of natural toothpaste brands in most good organic stores.

With a range of options like this there really is no excuse not to at least try out some organic bath products and organic cosmetics. You may be quite pleased you have.

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