Where to Find Raw Vegan Recipes Online

Where to Find Raw Vegan Recipes Online

Raw vegan recipes combine veganism and raw foodism. Vegans do not eat any foods of animal origin, and raw foodists avoid all foods that have been cooked above 48 degrees Celsius (or 118 Fahrenheit). Raw enthusiasts believe that when foods are cooked, they lose important enzymes and a lot of their nutritional value.

What is a vegan and raw diet?

There are many variations of the raw/vegan diet, but generally it includes raw vegetables, fruits, sprouts, seeds, nuts, cold-pressed vegetable oils such as olive oil, fresh herbs and sea vegetables. Many raw foodists eat some processed foods (as long as they are not cooked) such as nut butters, nut milks, dried fruits, vinegars and fermented products such as miso. Sometimes the term “raw diet” is used to describe any diet that contains a minimum of 80 % raw foods.

Some of the reported health benefits of a diet that uses uncooked and mainly vegan foods include weight loss, increased energy levels, better skin, better digestion and a general feeling of well-being.

Online vegan raw recipes

The Vegan Society (vegansociety.com) has been promoting vegan and raw foods years before they became trendy. The society’s website has a lot of information about the health benefits of avoiding animal products, and tips for getting all the necessary nutrients from vegan ingredients. Its recipe section contains a range of recipes that have been arranged under different themes, from main meals to desserts. Although all recipes are vegan, not every recipe is completely raw, but you can easily browse through the different categories to find the most suitable recipes.

Vegan Raw Diet (veganrawdiet.com) offers tips and information about vegan and raw cooking and its health benefits. Gone Raw (goneraw.com) promotes the whole lifestyle and its health benefits, and has recipes from different parts of the world.

Veg Peace (vegpeace.org) celebrates “raw peasant cuisine”, and the recipes on this site are easy and quick to prepare. They also use ingredients that do not cost a lot of money. If you have previously thought that healthy eating requires a lot of money and a lot of time in the kitchen, this website proves that it is possible to stay healthy on a low budget. The site includes tips for saving money when cooking and when shopping for cooking equipment, and it also contains facts about nutrition and health. It has a wide range of information about different foods and about the main ingredients in raw food recipes, including where to find them and how to prepare them. Some great soup and smoothie recipies here.

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