Organic Cotton Bedding – Creating an Eco-Friendly Bedroom

Organic Cotton Bedding – Creating an Eco-Friendly Bedroom

The new trend these days is to purchase items that are good for the environment as well as for us. Preventing damage from being sustained by the earth seems to be the direction most companies are headed in. This is not only good for the environment, but also for a company’s image since most people are apt to purchase eco-friendly items instead of those containing chemicals and other harmful substances, even if the eco-friendly choice is more expensive. This is why a large number of linen and clothing companies are now making completely organic products. And a good place to start going green is in the bedroom.

Organic Cotton Bedding Options

If you want to makeover your bedroom, start with organic cotton bedding; there are a number of bedding items that can be purchased to complete the look. The organic cotton bedding you place on your bed will depend on the amount of money you wish to spend. Some people will only place a fitted sheet and flat sheet, topping it off with a blanket or comforter.

Others go all out by creating an eco-friendly oasis on their bed. These people will use bed skirts to hide anything underneath the bed in addition to using a fitted sheet and flat sheet. Some people will place more than one sheet on the bed. If this sounds like a great idea, plan to spend more money on your bedroom than other organic cotton bedding lovers.

Chemical and Pesticide-Free Cotton

Not only are there organic cotton sheets, bed skirts, blankets, and comforters, but also organic pillow cases and pillow shams. All of these items are made from cotton that has not been treated with chemicals or pesticides. During the creation process, the manufacturer will not use any chemicals to treat the bedding. However, you should still wash and dry them; this will allow them to shrink a little, making it easier to fit the sheets snugly.

Availability and Cost

Organic cotton bedding is available in all parts of the world; however, the cost will depend on the purchase location. And the thread count will directly influence the cost of the bedding; the higher thread count, the greater the cost.

Organic Cotton Care

The feel of organic cotton is soft, making this material inviting and irresistible. The washing instructions on the sheet sets may differ from standard cotton bedding. There are some sheets that should only be washed by hand and hang dried while others will do fine when placed in a washing machine and dryer. The care instructions you should follow are the ones detailed on sheets’ tags or original packaging. Always follow the directions in regards to caring for the bedding; doing so will prevent any damage from being done to it. Most organic cotton bedding users find the best detergent to use when washing this kind of material is one that is mild. You may also want to use a green, or eco-friendly detergent.

If you care for your linens correctly, you will get plenty of use out of as well as better sleep from your eco-friendly, organic bedding for many months and years to come.

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