Raw Food For Healthy Skin

Raw Food For Healthy Skin

The job of our skin is to provide protective cover for all the organs in our bodies. It is, in fact, the largest organ of our bodies. It’s vital that we keep our skin healthy. The skin also works to help our body maintain and regulate its core temperature, through perspiration. Generally, looking at someone’s skin will give you a good indication of their general health. Pale, oily or sallow skin can all be signs of a less than healthy body.

The irony is that so many people spend so much of their hard earned money buying creams and lotions to put on their skin, trying to improve its appearance. We buy bronzers, acne creams, moisturizers and so much more, all trying to make our skin look healthier. What if we could quit spending all that money on ointments to put on the outside of our skin, and start making it look better from the inside?

That’s what the raw food diet can do for you. By eating a diet based on healthy and organic raw foods, many people find that their once pallid and unhealthy looking skin begins to glow with a new vigor.

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As you eat a diet consisting of mostly raw fruits and vegetables and limited processed foods, you’ll be adding more of the minerals and vitamins that your body so desperately needs for healthy skin. Raw foods also contain higher moisture content than cooked foods, and that added moisture shows in your skin.

The increase in fiber, vitamins and minerals will lead to better health for all your organs on the inside and that improved health will show on the outside in your skin.

You see, your skin is like a window into what is happening inside your body. As your organs begin receiving the nutritional food that they need to perform, it shows in your skin. Not only are you receiving more of the nutrients that you do need, you’ll be cutting out the toxins and impurities that you don’t need.

One of the ways that your body removes impurities is through perspiration. That means that all those bad chemicals pass through the skin, causing problems like dry skin or acne breakouts. On a naturally healthy organic raw food diet, you won’t be consuming all the impurities and toxins found in so many processed and cooked foods. That leads to better looking skin and healthier hair. There really is something to that phrase “an inner glow”!

As you reduce the amount of cooked foods in your diet and replace them with raw foods, you’ll find you’ll have more energy and better health – and it will show on the outside. As your body receives optimum nutrition through uncooked fruits and vegetables, you’ll begin to look and feel your best, naturally. This brings to mind another common expression, “You are what you eat.” This could not be more true. Healthy diet, healthy you!

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