Enjoy Low Fat Snacks

Enjoy Low Fat Snacks

It is undeniable that most of us love to snack, and in most cases these snacks are fattening! Snacks such as French fries, ice cream and other junk foods can lead to health problems and obesity. If you are eating these foods too often that could explain your weight problem. One way to solve this is to stop snacking completely or alter your choices by eating healthy low fat snacks.

Low-fat snack foods can be an important part of any weight loss plan. When planned correctly, eating snacks will help you work more nutrients into your diet and prevent excessive calories and fat. Including two to three small snacks in your meal plan is also a great way to help keep your energy level maintained throughout the day.

The most consistent diet killer is badly chosen snacks. When every small hunger craving is satisfied with some kind of snack, you need to be certain that you are consuming the right food to maintain your diet. When hunger strikes, make sure you’re ready with appropriate options of low-fat snacks. Instead of going to vending machines filled with fatty choices, keep low-fat snacks on hand. Here are some low fat snack ideas that are easy to bring with you every day.

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Fresh fruit is always a good snack option. Due to the natural sugars present fruit, you feel like you’ve found something sweet. Choose fruits that are rich in fiber such as pears, apples, citrus fruits and berries.

Vegetables are the simplest low-fat snacks that also offer many health benefits. Vegetables are rich in fiber and provide the satisfaction of feeling full. Organic, raw vegetables are a healthy snack option and low fat too. Wonderful sauces and dips such as hummus, Greek yogurt and salsa can be used with veggies to create a delicious snack.

Smoothies are a healthy choice and a convenient snack you can sip anywhere you want. Add any fruits or vegetables to make them more tasty. Use a base of coconut water or 100% fruit juice, yogurt and ice. Smoothies are a great way to start your day.
Have some baked potato. The average size of a baked potato is satisfactory and is low in fat. Just add a tablespoon of flavored low fat soy yogurt or vegan sour cream. Add a dash of sea salt and pepper and enjoy.

Popcorn is a whole grain that is very satisfying. Buy natural popcorn and pop it using an air popper or microwave. Add salt or favorite spices like chili powder. If you like sweets, add a little of cinnamon and melted honey.

You see, it is not hard to find snacks that are low in fat. Ditch the chips, candy and other junk foods. Not only are they high in fat, but they are likely to contain unhealthy ingredients like hydrogenated oils. Enjoy the healthy and delicious low fat snacks suggested above to get you through the day and keep you satisfied between meals.

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